Monday, September 3, 2012

Day Number One Update on: “Living on One Dollar a Day”.

I woke up this morning, September 3, 2012, read Bible passages from the book of James Chapters One and Two, and I prayed asking God for strength as I take on this endeavor.

I started off by drinking water all day, but at various points during the day, I had to watch others eat their meal. Then came 8:10pm, when it was my time to eat.  I drove to the grocery store and spent my first “Dollar” on a can of SpaghettiOs with meatballs.

Yes, I must admit, Day One began with a little rough start, seeing and smelling barbeque outside of the house as people celebrated Labor Day; notwithstanding, I pulled through. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts.

Amount Received:
$100.00 – received from Punta Gorda, Florida – USA
$40.00 – received from Cambridge, University of Cambridge, UK

Amount Pledged:
$100.00 pledged – from Fairfax, Virginia – USA

Ms. Rosetta Quiah has pledged to set aside three days to live on “A dollar A Day” beginning Tuesday, September 4 through Thursday, September 6, 2012.

What can you do:
Share the link, ask your friends to also spread the word, take a look at the organization’s expenses chart, in the preceding blog post immediately after the pictures below and make a needed donation to keep our work going.

Thanks for your support 
Some Pictures from Day One:

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