Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day # 5 Update on Living on $1.00 USD a Day.

Five (5) lbs Lost

 On Friday, September 7, it took me longer than usual to actually get up from the bed. I was a little weak and dizzy. Notwithstanding, I managed to pull myself up and follow my same routine, with some minor adjustments. As usual, I read Bible passages from the book of Peter Chapter 1 and I prayed asking God for endurance and courage to help me reach the finish line.

This day instead of drinking pure water from the faucet in the kitchen, which was becoming little unbearable, a friend, Mr. G. Grant suggested that I add a lime. So then, I drove to the grocery store and bought a lime for $0.25. I added it to my drinking water for the day and it presented me with a new flavor which was tasteful – but not filling.  Although it helped change things up a bit, throughout the day, I found myself feeling weak, tired, and dizzy.

Then came 8:20 p.m., when I drove to the grocery store and spent my last seventy-five cents ($0.75) on a can of Pork ‘n’ Beans and a small package of smoked ham. It was a satisfying meal to end a long week. 

At the end of my drive to sustain the teaching peace education as a single subject in Liberia, I ended up losing five (5) lbs which, according to my fiancé, I didn’t have to spare!  Overall, it was a great experience. I say thanks to all of you out there for your support both in cash and letters of encouragement. Words are inadequate to express how much my heart is filled with sincere gratitude. As one of the letter from Mr. Z. Lomo who lives in Uganda states “While I would have loved to donate, my current situation limits me from doing anything. I do, however, believe that the Lord God will provide for the good cause you are sacrificing for”.

Amount Received:
$60.00 – received from Washington, DC – USA
$50.00 – received from Plainsboro, New Jersey; USA

What Can You Do?
Share the link, ask your friends to also spread the word, take a look at the organization’s expenses chart at the end of this page and make a needed donation to keep our work going.
Thanks for your support!! I am signing off on “Living on One Dollar ($1.00 USD) A Day”


  1. Mainlehwon you are really an inspiring person, an individual with courage and strength.

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