Monday, February 8, 2010

Mid-School Year Testimonials

Since the beginning of the school year (2009/2010), the Center for Peace Education (CPE) has been teaching Peace Education as a subject in several grade schools in Montserrado County, Liberia for the first time in the country history. CPE lessons are conducted through dance, art, drama, songs, poems, drawing, etc so as to portray a culture of peace, reconciliation, a world of tolerance, creative self-esteem and expression. Through CPE lesson presentations, students are not only learning that peace is possible, but even more importantly, how to make it possible. For a generation deprived of childhood, for a generation accustomed to awarding violent behaviors, CPE teachings buffers the impact of war, enhances students inner peace, and brings cheerily expressions into their lives. This form of Peace Education is imbedded in preventive and corrective education for personal growth and development. Center for Education method is not solely about teaching peace, but living PEACE each day. Below please find testimonials from school head masters.

Testimonies from Mr. Lasana Sessay
Principal, Mark J. Richards Memorial High School Bushrod Island, Liberia:
“Peace Education is a good for all schools in Liberia and I am asking the Ministry of Education to embrace it, accept it, and incorporate it in the national academic curriculum. All of our students were affected by the civil war and they have come to accept the concept of violence as a way of life. But with the introduction of Peace Education, it is helping our students to look beyond stereotype, cultural and religious barriers”. The Center for Education teaching is conducted through an interactive learning process which is directed towards helping students to understand one another better. Mr. Sessay stressed that “fighting has dropped significantly on campus and students’ behaviors have improved – they are now coming to school on time and following instructions. This is very good for our school. We are calling on everyone to please support the Center for Peace Education. Thank you!”

Mr. Titus Korngor
Principal, Pamela Kay High School, Montserrado County“Our students are taking peace education as subject in our school. Since the inception of peace education as a course, most of our students have changed in behavior.” The core aspect of the Center for Peace Education is to invite students to question their value, belief, and biases which they have come to develop as the result of the war. “Center for Peace Education learning process is helping our students to cultivate the culture of tolerance. As a result of the Peace Education, our campus is violence free. None of our students have been suspended or expelled. We are calling on the national government, international community, friends, and peace loving people to please buttress the effort of the Center for Peace Education in order to teach peace all over country. This will help to bring peace to Liberia. Because when our students learn peace, it means that Liberia and our global village is becoming peaceful. Thanks to the Center for Peace Education for teaching peace!”

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