Friday, October 16, 2009

Success Stories April 2009 – August 2009

A baseline survey on the causes of violence and level of violence in 15 schools was conducted
Over 500 hundred students, teachers and administrators participated in the survey
Focused groups discussion with over 300 hundred students, and administrators were held
The data was analyzed and priorities were reviewed and discussed with individual schools involved
Vacation Peace Education Schools was introduced for both students and staffs
Over 400 grade school and university students, community leaders, and teaching staffs, benefited from a six-week intensive training in Peer Mediation, Conflict Resolution, and Job Skills Development
20 Peer Mediation Networking Group established in forty Communities to promote the Culture of Peace
Center for Peace Education is currently teaching Peace Education as subject in various schools located on Bushrod Island – Montserrado County for the first time in Liberian history.

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  1. Nezer ....I am proud of the Great fabulous work you are doing..........Keep up the Faith Chief!!