Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back In Washington, DC; USA

For the first time in Liberia’s history, peace education is being taught as a subject in various schools across the Bushrod Island community in Montroserrado County by educators (picture above) who completed a six-week intensive training program in peer mediation, conflict resolution, and job skills development.

In order to raise funds to help continue this work, particularly to compensate the existing teachers, I am preparing an exhibit that demonstrates the students’ work. It will include:
* visual and written artistic expressions of the war, conflict, and symbols of peace (e.g., shell casings that have been transformed into artwork), and
* a short discussion on the results of the survey taken in post-conflict reconstruction to assess the causes of conflict on campus, which range from sex for grades to tribal intolerance.

While I am in the US over the next month, it would be my pleasure to meet with students, churches, mosques, community organizations; etc... and discuss how one aspect of conflict resolution methodologies at the local level is an important part of reconciliation and peacebuilding during post-conflict reconstruction.

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