Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Peace Exhibit A Fundraiser

This summer CPE is pleased to announce that it will be receiving two volunteers for its Peace Building Summer Training – one from George Mason University, Virginia, USA and the other from Stockholm University, in Sweden.
CPE needs:
Housing and transportation for some of its international guests
Stipends for its local facilitators
Teaching materials
Publicities; etc.
Duster / Blackboard Eraser
Reams of paper
Correction fluid
Folders / files
Poster Sheets
Construction paper
Flip Chart Pads
Teacher’s Plan Books
Pencils /Pens
Chalk / Crayons
CPE is holding a Peace Exhibit as a fundraiser
When: Sunday, June 27, 2010
Where: Long Branch Community Center
8700 Piney Branch Road; Silver Spring, MD 20901
Time: 4pm – 7pm

The Center for Peace Education (CPE) is a local non-governmental organization dedicated to teaching peace through mediation as a means of achieving harmony and a better life for Liberia’s future generations pleased. Currently the CPE is teaching peace education as a subject in various grade schools to 2000 students in Montserrado County, Liberia. Moreover, CPE is also teaching peace through mediation in several communities as a means fostering peaceful co-existence among community dwellers.
Since the inauguration of an elected government in January 2006, youth initiated violence continue to persist – because children who participated in war were brainwashed, drugged, and carried out destruction of lives and properties. Even children who did not participate in war witnessed death or torture of family members and friend became displaced or refugee in strange lands, some were falsely imprisoned or suffered torture and other forms of abuse. As a result, these children remain scarred from a life of unending violence.
For example:
the burning of the police stations in Bong, Margibi, and Nimba Counties – in some instances the accused detainees were set on fire
the destruction of the University of Liberia generator by students that resulted in the flogging of the electrical guard
the killing of seven people and the destruction of several religious and private buildings in Lofa
the burning of a Liberian police officer while in his uniform and the individual who came to his rescue.
I can go on and on listing various forms of youth initiated violence which has resulted in a significant number of deaths and destruction of property all over Liberia.

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