Monday, January 10, 2011

Thanks for All of Your Help in 2010!!

Happy New Year!!
With peace and joy, the Center for Peace Education (CPE) wants to take this opportunity to sincerely say "Thank You" for your support in 2010. As the result of your assistance in kind and cash, CPE was able to accomplish the following this past year!
  • CPE expended to serve a total of four private and three public schools "teaching Peace Education" as a subject in the classrooms.
  • Two International volunteers (from the USA and Sweden) visited CPE as part of a summer peace-building institute and offered training for teachers, students, and community dwellers
  • Four female students affected by the conflict and living in abject poverty received scholarships from one of CPE's international volunteers
  • A former child solider in grade school and a nursing student affected by the conflict continued to receive scholarship to pursue the educational goals
  • CPE received several generous school supplies (chalk, pens, markers, pencils, notebooks, teacher's plan books, clothing, tennis shoes, book bags, laptop, 10 CPUs, etc...
  • CPE secured a quarter-acre lot of land as well as book donations for a future Peace Library
  • CPE held an end of marking period for students to translate their knowledge, skills, and theories taught in the classrooms into practical demonstrations on stage
  • CPE extended Peer Mediation workshops to three new communities
  • A CPE instructor was name Most Peaceful Teacher for the 2009-2010 academic year at the Pamela Kay High School in Lower Virginia, District 13, Montserrado County
  • Over ten thousand students and community dwellers benefited from CPE workshops, trainings, and teachings. Furthermore, in communities and schools where CPE is working, there were no reports of students expulsion or misbehavior on campus and students-related violence declined

As we enter 2011, plans are now underway to expend CPE activities across the nation to reach as many youths as possible in order to prevent the occurrence of youth related violence. This is particularly relevant as we enter a new elections season which has often been accompanied by an increase in violence, as evidenced by neighboring West African countries.

Thank you for your continue support to CPE. Online donations are also accepted through CPE secured site

CPE Needs You

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