Thursday, September 2, 2010

Peace Education Enters Liberian Schools for the Second Year

After a rigorous ethnography survey on the causes of continues violence in Liberian schools and communities; CPE was able to develop proactive teaching packages for promoting the culture of peace.

The Center for Peace Education is focused on transforming Liberian children’s bad experiences into positive ones. Since CPE began teaching Peace Education as a subject in Liberia in 2009, school headmasters have informed CPE that students knowledge about understanding the causes of conflict have improved significantly. Schools headmasters indicated that students were able to identify and explain likely causes of everyday conflicts in their lives, schools, and communities.

Furthermore, Deans of students stated that students’ communication skills have improved greatly over the past year. Students demonstrated effective listening skills by accurately restating conflicting parties’ ideas and feelings without taking sides.

Even more importantly, school administrators stressed that students’ attitude were enhanced over the year. Students demonstrated extreme respect and acceptance for other students who were different from them in terms of religion and tribe; thus, fostering effective cohesiveness on campus and in their respective communities.

Over 15 schools have asked CPE to teach Peace Education as a subject in their schools. CPE is unable to reach all of the schools; notwithstanding, CPE added two of those schools to its current work load.

For the past two years, CPE has been self funded. All of CPE’s teachers are volunteers; however, CPE is kindly requesting your support in-kind and cash – to help our teachers with transportation cost from their homes to schools and also with teaching materials which includes, but not limited to:
Duster / Blackboard Eraser
Staplers; Reams of paper
Correction fluid
Folders / files
Envelopes; Poster Sheets
Construction paper; Markers
Flip Chart Pads; Teacher’s Plan Books
Notebooks; Pencils /Pens
Chalk / Crayons

Thanks for your unwavering support!!!

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