Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Orientation To My New Office In LIB

I went to office on Monday dress up and ready to hit the ground running (picture is attached). Currently, the Center for Peace Education is functioning as a division under Aid for the Needy Development Program (ANDP) – a local non-governmental organization with its head office located at VOA Camp (1), Brewerville, on the outskirts of Monrovia. ANDP provides nutritional supplement for malnourish children and their parents.

At my new office, I was introduced to ANDP staff and given a tour of the facilities. I was struck when I walked into the ward of malnourished children and the parents. As I glanced into the faces of these parents, I saw nothing but frustration and depression. In addition, they are traumatized, especially those who were sexually harassed, became pregnant, and decided to keep the baby.

Some of the parents are in their teens, thus, having limited knowledge of parenthood. These parents are teens in fact who were still living with their parents. Most of them are elementary and junior high school dropouts, leaving them without the prerequisite skills for the work place.

The nurses at the ANDP therapeutic feeding center informed me that some teenage mothers sometimes drop off their children at their parent’s home and flee to unknown destinations, out of fear and inability to provide finical support. Sadly, some of the fathers are teenagers themselves living with their parents, making it difficult for them to take care of themselves, let alone their own child.
On the other hand, some fathers are adults who do not want to be identify with the child’s mother because they are afraid, thinking that they could be arrested by the government for the pregnancy of a minor. And some of the fathers are married, and as such, are afraid to show their support for the child. So they keep their distance away from the mothers to protect their marriages, resulting in a lack of financial and moral support.

This is the current condition at ANDP’s Therapeutic Feeding Center - the space of my new office (picture is attached). Such conditions have caused the parents to become traumatized, neglected, depressed, and lonely. They are confused and have become an easy access for violent behavior to the point where they beat on their malnourished children.
In light of this present condition, The Center for Peace Education will also establish a Peace Education and Trauma Alleviation program for Parents of Malnourished Children. This program will be designed to foster self-esteem and civility, responsible choices among parents that will strengthen the bonds between child and parent. By nourishing those principles and values for sustainable growth, then peaceful co-existence and development may occur.


  1. I am impressed!ANDP is moving farward.Mr.Vonhm,thanks for your level of contribution you have render this Organization.
    I am Chris Ellis,a founding member of ANDP along with Alvin Neufville,Emmette Teage and others and not forgetting the present forerunners William Dakel and Isaac Johnhson.
    This Organization struggled a lot in the past,there were series of meetings held in my living room due to the lack of funds for office,contributions were made for the purchase of stationaries,other personal sacrifices came from the pockets of some of the member espcially William Dakel and Alvin Neufvile.My personal computer was used on several occasions especially in the event when we dispatched a team comprised Emmanuel Kolubah and Uncle V to Nimba County after which those photos were emailed you.
    ANDP has now reached another level.The photos seen on this page is like a dream come true.Seeing computer/labtop on each staff desk and looking back from where we came from,seeing vehicles plying the streets of Monrovia with ANDP stickers put tears of joy in my eyes.I know where we came from but unfortunately I am not part of where and how we are moving ( which I would love to be part of) rather I am just an onlooker each time I visited Monrovia.Let the Almighty God continues to strengthen our Organization and give you all the wisdom and knowlege to develevop new ideas for the betterment of Mother Liberia.
    Chris Ellis,UNV,Aghanistan

  2. I really enjoyed the experience shared by you. It sounds to be you had good time while orientation to new office. I wish that you enjoy there lot and have a great blast.
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