Thursday, August 6, 2009

“Peer Mediation for Peer Solutions” – VOA # 1 Academy High School

On the 13th July, 2009 by 9:00am, we arrived at our second venue, VOA # 1 Academy high school located on the outskirts of Monrovia City. The VOA Camp # 1 is highly dominated by internally displaced persons and Sierra Leonean refugees.
Upon our arrival at the campus, the principal and few members of his staffs including the interested students / persons were already gathered at the auditorium anxiously awaiting us. As usual, at VOA, we continue with our plan of teaching both Peer Mediation and Job Skills Development classes. Surprisingly to us, however, those present for the seminar were not only students, but also, teachers, community leaders, (i.e., the interpreter for the largest mosques in VOA community, local youth organization leaderships, etc).
In conformity with our plan of teaching, the class at VOA Camp # 1, ended on the July 17, 2009; with the formation of three Peer Mediation Network Groups. The students were happy that the seminar “Peer Mediation for Peer Solutions” has taught them both the skills necessary for them to sense the symptoms of conflict and to resolve violence peacefully.

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