Friday, June 5, 2009

Peace is just not the absence of war and violence

During the month of May, I met with several youth organizations from various communities which included , Keakor, Banjor, Jartu, Moulton Corner, Parker Corner, Gbonkou, Pinyopukosa, Virginia, Po River, Island Clinic, Tweh Farm, St. Paul Bridge, Hotel Africa, Ray Hill Field, and VOA Camp 1.

I informed the youth about my mission of creating a Peace Education Curriculum for Liberia. That it was all about the love for country that I returned home to help in the reconstruction of war-ravaged Liberia.

The youths were excited and they commended me on my bold effort to be a part of the reconstruction process in a special way (see attached pictures)

Notwithstanding, the youths were quick to point out that they have many serious problems ranging from lack of self-esteems to a sense of belonging. Moreover, the youths pleaded with me not to only focus in the classrooms, but even more importantly, to also focus in their various communities.

I assured the youths that I was going to do my best to organize a community youth peacemakers club – to help with conflict sensitive related issues.

At the end of the meeting, I argued them to return to their communities and become a peace ambassador – by practicing and living a nonviolent lifestyle.

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  1. Dear Mainlehwon,

    I am the founder of a peace education penpal organization based in the US...we connect young people here with friends in countries around the world. I am very interested in developing a peace friend program in Liberia, and hope that you will help me. We have developed a peace education curriculum that I would be happy to email to you. Please email me at Hoping to hear from you soon, Sarah Wilkinson, Founder and Director, Project PeacePal,